Please pardon us during the transition period. I know the cupboards look a little bare. We’re working frantically to fill them.

We are a community of food lovers, with the goal of sharing the best food has to offer. Newly redesigned so check back often many many recipes are posted daily. 🙂

If you have ideas to make these recipes even better please feel free to drop us a line or comment on your favorite version.


In the meantime here is a bit about me;

I am a mom of five kids with two still at home, I also am a happy grandma.  My kids friends always wanted to come to our house just for the food, ha ha.  Okay maybe cause we try to have a bit of fun with it as well.

With having so many kids around, there is obviously a variety of tastes.   More often than not there was at least one that would choose not to eat because they did not like it.  So, I definitely was constantly making a variety so that everyone could have a night where they loved to eat.

On top of that two of my children are ADHD, Two had very picky eating habits and one played with the vegetarian aspect for a couple years.  I then had a grandmother that had special diet needs as well.  So I took it upon myself to self study nutritional info on various foods so that every dietary need could be met and my family could stay healthy.

I love food and love to cook, my kids all wish I would open a restaurant and there are times I daydream about doing just that.  For now, I am starting this community so that I can share ideas with others.  So many out there love food and love to cook but just do not know the right process or even how to give things natural flavor with out tons of seasonings.

I will close for now,  if you have any questions or idea’s then feel free to contact me.

Please enjoy!!